If you have been wondering what causes marital breakups you should stop what you are doing and read this article.

In the next few minutes we are going to discuss what causes marital breakups in today’s world. Although this article is too short to cover everything there are three crucial causes of marital breakup that MUST be considered. First we will discuss how marital conflict can be a marital breakup cause. Second we are going to talk about how the failure of providing emotional support by partners is an important to what causes marital breakups. Finally we are going to talk about how lack of intimacy can seep into a marriage relationship. This article is intended to point you in the right directions for solving these problems.

Marital Breakups

What Causes Marital Breakups – Conflict in Values

The first issue in this article on what causes marital breakups is a conflict in values. This can be described as conflicts in goals or interests. These differences can lead to marital problems in some marriages. Unresolved marital conflict is one of the causes of marital breakup.

Examples of issues leading to a conflict in values could be that partners:

•    Practice different religions or one partner is not religious at all.
•    Have different approaches to child rearing
•    Experience a number of family problems that put stress on the marriage.
•    Spend little time with each other because work  leaves little time for family. One spouse may put a higher value on time spent together than their partner. This is a common problem.
•    Friendships can become a problem when they intrude on trust or quality time with a together.
•    In-law problems are legendary as one of the causes of marital breakups. When a spouse allows a relative to intrude into the marriage and have too much influence it can be a problem.

Each marriage partner brings their own viewpoint on life and ways of dealing with issues that affect their lives. When there are substantial differences between how spouses view issues problems can erupt.

 Lack of Emotional Support Can Cause Marital Breakups

Lack of emotional support can be what causes marital breakups in many relationships. Assuming you will receive emotional support from a spouse is a normal expectation. When emotional support is missing it can lead to resentment and ultimately may be a marital breakup cause.

Emotional support consists of listening to a spouses concerns and feelings during stressful times. We all need someone to listen and empathize with us from time to time. Offering encouragement and advice are all a part of having a close marital relationship.

Regularly showing sincere appreciation and a commitment to a marital partner are important ways of showing emotional support. When you think about it is no wonder that a marriage with little or no emotional support is very likely headed for a marital breakup.

Loss of Intimacy

Loss of intimacy could be the result of unresolved issues between spouses. Some issues that can lead to a sexless marriage are when couples have communication problems. Some couples are unable to properly express love, anger and emotions with each other. When couples are constantly in conflict and seem to have very little in common they can drift apart. It is likely difficult to feel emotionally close or have physical sex with someone you have tensions with.

When couples experience lack of intimacy they frequently are not sure exactly what is wrong. They only know that there is a problem. They can usually benefit from online help with marital intimacy or seek counseling.

The three previously mention problem areas are some of the causes of marriage breakups.

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