Presenting the The All-In-One Condensed Sex Guide for Women :

Sensual Touching

  1. There are four stages of touch: caressing the hairs, caressing the skin, massaging the skin and massaging the muscles. It is good to progress through each of these stages.
  2. Head massage, not something he’s likely to ask for, but most men love it. You can spread your fingers and nestle them into his hair, press down and use your fingers to massage in a circular motion.
  3. Arms: caress the skin, then use your palms to run up and down the whole length. If you kiss it will make it more sensual.
  4. For his chest, you can leave the nipples, but use your hands, hair, and mouth to stroke everywhere else. Move to nipples later if you want, but some guys may not find this as pleasurable.
  5. A guy’s stomach is very sensitive; touching and pressing down gently into his skin and massaging there is incredibly pleasurable.
  6. Back: use your fingertips, hands, hair, and mouth to stimulate him. Stroke up the back of his neck and down across the tops of his shoulders. Caress him lightly down his spine.
  7. Hips – tease him with your fingers and tongue, this is incredibly erotic.
  8. Thighs: make him shake in anticipation as you use your tongue to lick up from his thighs to his hips.
  9. Perineum: pressing this part of his body will cause him to stop ejaculating. It’s also a very sensitive area.

Sex Guide for ladies


  1. Kissing will always be an important part of intimate relationships.
  2. Make sure that your breath is okay.
  3. Hold your partner’s face in your hands, tilt your head to the side, and move towards him slowly.
  4. When you’re not actually kissing, look deep into his eyes.
  5. Allow yourself to kiss all parts of your partner’s lips.
  6. When kissing, use your tongue to explore your partner’s mouth and tongue in a soft and sensual way.
  7. When kissing, focus and amplify in your mind on all of your sensations. This will make you more responsive to the subtleties that make you a better kisser, and will allow you to enjoy the experience more.
  8. Kiss down the side of the neck, this is a hugely sensitive area.
  9. Be audible. Don’t be afraid to moan at the pleasurable sensations.
  10. Use your fingers to caress your partner’s lips, and even venture a finger or two inside his mouth.
  11. Suck lightly on the skin of his neck
  12. Try maintaining the kiss for a period up to or longer than 5 minutes.
  13. Sharing champagne through kissing is one of many creative ideas that can spice things up.
  14. Kissing should be one of the most sensual parts of your relationship.


Oral Sex

  1. Your attitude towards oral sex reflects your attitude towards sex and sensuality.
  2. Let him see what you’re doing; guys are visually stimulated and this holds true during oral sex.
  3. If you’re not too embarrassed, make eye contact at times – this is a huge turn on.
  4. The biggest turn on for a guy during oral sex is submissiveness; if you want to make it fantastic for him, don’t be shy of kneeling.
  5. Teasing him before going down is exciting, but doing it too much gets annoying. Vary between teasing before oral and just going straight down.
  6. Use your hands and keep your mouth (your tongue and lips) where it matters – on his most sensitive area.
  7. Keeping things wet is a good idea (let some saliva pool in your mouth beforehand).
  8. Keep a steady rhythm, and speed up as he reaches orgasm (just as he would with you).
  9. You don’t need to gag or swallow.
  10. You should consider making oral sex a regular part of your sex-life. It is a very enjoyable part of sex, and actually, many men prefer it to intercourse. If it smells bad or you feel dirty doing it, you can simply ask him to shower first.
  11. If you don’t want him to finish in your mouth, he would definitely still enjoy finishing somewhere else, like on your
  12. breasts (which is actually many guys’ fantasy).
  13. An unexpected blowjob in a forbidden or unusual place is a recipe for lasting love.

Sex Guide for girls


  1. Always keep in mind that a guy is visually stimulated more than anything. Guys will far rather watch naked girls dancing around than have a great fantasy while masturbating alone. Being good at sex has a lot to do with how creative you get with this, in the way that you dress up and the things that you do.
  2. Try this: let him lie back and blindfold him (this makes all other senses more acute). Slowly pay attention to all areas of his body, but do not let him move or touch you. Soon, he’ll be squirming in anticipation for you. Taking control like this in a sensual way is an enormous turn-on, and the key to the best sex he’s ever had.
  3. Work through any body-image issues you have.
  4. Don’t always expect your partner to turn you on, sometimes you can help with this yourself.
  5. There is no reason to feel ashamed about your fantasies; communicate honestly with your partner.
  6. There are some pretty dirty sexual things in the depths of your guy’s mind – it is in your favor if he can be open with you about this. Resisting what he likes while still trying to keep him as a partner is not a long-term solution (with the obvious exceptions – swinging, anything dangerous, etc.).
  7. A little bit of alcohol acts as an aphrodisiac – a healthy diet is the world’s most trusted one.
  8. Play games with your partner, such as alternating control (mistress and butler?).
  9. Connect sexually with your partner (have sex) as regularly as you can. Don’t let weeks go by without any sexual stimulation between you.
  10. Great sex is about chemistry and energy, not about finding the right position, or performing foreplay for an optimal number of minutes.
  11. Closing your eyes during orgasm can create a great internal experience for you; keeping your eyes open creates a shared one.


  1. Pick one sex act that you can master, like sensual massage, handjobs, oral sex, and so on. Make it something that you also enjoy, so that you can do it often. He’ll always appreciate it as something rare and valuable.
  2. Everyone’s libido waxes and wanes at different times.
  3. Putting on his condom is actually a big turn on.

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