Instead of working on rekindling love many couples take the easy way out and go straight for divorce when their marriage runs into difficulty. With such a high divorce rate in today’s society  it appears that rekindling love is often forgotten. Although there may be times when divorce is the only solution, looking for ways of rekindling love in a marriage can have rewarding results.

Anger and Resentment Can Stop You From Rekindling Love

When people live together as married couples it is natural to have arguments, disagreements, and sometimes disappointments between couples. Learning to resolve differences and letting go of resentments is important to rekindling love and saving a marriage by avoiding lingering feelings that can poison a relationship. Learning to apologize when we are wrong or say the wrong thing will help with marriage restoration by keeping negative feelings from developing between couples. We are all human and are bound to do or say something that makes little sense to other people at times. If you and your spouse have grown apart, learning to forgive is one of the keys to rekindling love and saving a marriage.

One aspect of marriage that can be used for rekindling love is letting go of the anger and resentment by learning how to communicate with your spouse. Unfortunately so many couples are unable to sit down and enjoy a simple enjoyable conversation with each other because of simmering anger and disappointments. Mastering the skill of communication can resolve a tremendous amount of stress and anger in marriage and can lead to effective marriage restoration.

Rekindling Love tips

Taking Care of Your Physical and Mental Health Is Good For Marriage Restoration

Rekindling love goes smoother when you are physically and mentally healthy which means getting physical exercise, eating right, and doing things to benefit your emotional health. Often couples may let themselves go creating an atmosphere that lowers interest in each other. Take a look at your marriage now and consider the following questions about when you first met and married your spouse:

• When you first met your spouse what type of behavior did they exhibit? What were you like?
• Did you or your spouse stay on the computer constantly, play video games all day, and lay around on the couch or in bed all day?
• Did they complain about you constantly?
• Did you spend enjoyable time together? If so doing what?
• How was your personal hygiene? Did you and your spouse bath and keep yourself fresh and clean for each other?
• Did you and your spouse try to look attractive to each other?
• Did you or your spouse have independent interests and activities that you enjoyed?
• When you met your spouse did they seem to enjoy life? Did you enjoy life?
• What is it that attracted you to your spouse?
• What attracted your spouse to you?
• What are you and your spouse doing now about rekindling love? Do you have a marriage restoration plan?

Although it may not be possible for things to be exactly as they were when you first met and married it is possible to work on doing some of the things that first brought you together. There are some things in the above list that can help in rekindling love if you work at it. Pick the ones to work on that you will actually follow through with. Challenge yourself don’t do what is the easiest.

tips for Rekindling in Love

Spend Time Together When Working On Rekindling Love

If you have been married for a while you are familiar with the how stress and the obligations of daily life can take it toll on you and your relationship and create the need for rekindling love. Taking time to be with each other can include simple pressure free activities that relieve tension. Doing something as simple as telling jokes, allows you to be silly and laugh with each other.

Although talking with your spouse about important things is necessary for rekindling love, doing simple fun things together are just as important to bring closeness

  • Go for walks – hold hands if you have the feeling to do so – if not just walk and talk
  • Play games together
  • Run errands together
  • Do chores like yard work or housework together
  • Go to movies
  • Go to dinner
  • Go on a cruise
  • Stay overnight or for the weekend at a hotel
  • Carve out a time when you can be alone and just talk – about anything(be sure to mix up talks to include lighthearted as well as serious type talks
  • Arrange works schedules when possible to spend time together.

For effective marriage restoration you may want to create a written schedule of time to be with each other doings activities with just the two of you.

Making your marriage a priority is a big step in rekindling love. One of the biggest causes of lack of intimacy and the loss of love in a marriage happens after children are born. The demands and needs of children can take over a marriage and leave little or no time for couples to give their marriage the fuel that it needs to keep going.

Studies have shown that children do better in a family where the parents have a stable healthy marriage relationship. When the marriage is allowed to falter the parents are doing their children no favor. Seeking ways of rekindling love is actually good for the marriage and children.

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