You may want to know how to stop arguing in a relationship if you and your spouse are constantly bickering back and forth with each other. Married couples spend a lot of time together and there are bound to be times when there are issues that lead to relationship fights. Unfortunately when relationship fights become extreme and start to harm the marriage it is time to look for answers on how to stop arguing in a relationship.

Although it is natural to focus on a certain word or actions that started the pointless fight, constant relationship fights are usually not about what couples are fighting about at the moment but deeper unresolved issues in the marriage. Unresolved feeling such as, feeling of being taken for granted, feeling unappreciated, or feeling that your spouse is not being honest with you may be at the root of most arguing in relationship problems.

When there is constant arguing in relationships it is important to recognize that communication in marriage has collapsed. Below are some tips on how to stop arguing in a relationship

Stop Arguing In a Relationship

How To Stop Arguing In a Relationship Begins With Improving Marital Communication  Skills

This is not a simple skill for many married couples and may require some help through online self help resources or marriage counseling.

You don’t have to always win

Marriage should not be a power struggle between spouses so pick your disagreements wisely. Try not to argue over small insignificant things. Although some things may be annoying they are not all worth having relationship fights.

Speak to your spouse with respect

Yelling, bullying, and using fowl language does not make you the winner it just makes you seem like an unreasonable person, even if you are right.

Learn to really listen to your spouse

This is a great how to stop arguing in a relationship technique. Listening and giving some form of confirmation that you are listening to your spouses concerns will quell some arguments. This doesn’t mean you necessarily agree with them but it is hard to argue with someone who is not arguing with you. Everyone wants their feeling and opinions to be heard and listening can greatly reduce arguments:

  •  A nod,
  • A word or statement
  • Eye contact with a nod
  • Any constructive way to make them feel that you are listening to their concerns

Avoid using terms like “you always” or “you never”. If there is something that you want to discuss with your spouse be respectful and precise about what specific thing or things concern you. If it is a criticism make it a constructive criticism by being specific about the issue, when it happened,without blame and how you feel it can be worked out.

There a number marriage problems that may be causing relationship fights in your marriage. Because arguing in relationships  can be so destructive to a marriage it is important to learn how to stop arguing in a relationship  before it destroys your marriage.

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