If you feel that you have an emotionally distant husband your first thought might be to assume that he is having an affair. Unfortunately jumping to this conclusion may miss the real reason that you have an emotionally distant husband. This article is not intended to suggest that a wife or husband shares more blame for marital problems than the other. Read on for helpful tips on how to deal with an emotionally distant husband.

There are many reasons that your husband might be emotionally distant. It could be financial issues, work related issues, some unresolved marital issues, or it could be a health related problems.  Whatever the cause of an emotionally distant husband the wife may be in the best position to help fix it. When faced with a broken marriage spouses often do not know the exact reason. The only thing they know for sure is that something is wrong.

Men and women handle issues differently.  While women may be quicker to express their feelings, men are usually much slower to verbally express deep feeling and worries. When dealing with an emotionally distant husband it is important keep the differences  in mind.

You may have attempted to talk to your husband only to have him tell you that there is nothing wrong. Of course you know that is not the case because you can see and feel the distant behavior every day.

To promote marital healing and solving the emotionally distant husband problem you must first have some idea of what is causing it.

Emotionally Distant Husband tips

It is not unusual for husbands and wives to criticize each other. Excessive criticizing or controlling behavior can result in an emotionally distant spouse. Both husbands and wives can be guilty of controlling behavior without realizing it. This can result in a spouse harboring resentment and becoming distant.

Feeling as though a wife’s respect has been lost can easily result in an emotionally distant husband. Becoming emotionally distant is a normal reaction to feeling hurt and undervalued.

The first step in solving the problem of an emotionally distant husband is to recognize that there is no magic wand to immediately make everything right. Just like it took some time for problems to surface, it takes time and effort to learn how to communicate with your spouse and get things back on track.

Below Are Five Tips On How To Deal With An Emotionally Distant Husband

  1. Use Patience Remedy – Although all men are not exactly the same pressing your husband for immediate answers about his feelings may be unsuccessful. This may also cause him to withdraw even more. A more effective approach would be show a caring and understanding attitude towards him. When he does communicate with you show support without pressuring him to express what is bothering him. Quite frankly patience and space are two of the best remedies for a distant husband. In no way are we suggesting that a wife accept abusive behavior
  2. Look For Unresolved Marital Problems – An emotionally distant husband can be related to unresolved marital issues with his spouse. If there have been ongoing unresolved problems it can eventually affect his feeling for you. You might want to develop a strategy to address these unresolved marital problems. Allowing marriage problems to linger without a resolution can do great harm to a relationship.You might want to make use of online marital self-help resources. Seeking professional help locally is also a possibility. There are some very helpful resources on line that you might want to take a look at. Many of the resources available online are free or  available at a small monetary cost .
  3. Become Easy To Talk To – One technique for dealing with an emotionally distant husband is to make him feel emotionally comfortable in your presence. Being a good listener and avoiding arguments are good strategies. This method allows him to be more comfortable in expressing his thoughts and feeling with you. Listening and avoiding conflicts or arguments are a good way to assist him in engaging with you.
  4. Appeal to the ego of your husband –  One of the most powerful yet overlooked methods of connecting with a husband is appealing to his ego. Some might say that the male ego is his Achilles heel. Men love for women to compliment them on how capable they are or how thoughtful they are. Compliment your husband on his ability to do something and you just might find that he begins to do it voluntarily on a regular basis. There can no guarantee this strategy will work in every case but give it a try.Men are affected by how they are perceived as men especially by their by their wives.Think back on your courting days. Remember how you showed interest in him, valued his thoughts and generally enjoyed being in his presence. During the early years you probably told him how much you loved him and made him feel important in your eyes. The male ego likes to be viewed in a certain way by  his wife.It is important that both husband and wife feel appreciated by each other but if you feel that your husband is emotionally checking out of the marriage it is time to attend to the male ego.
  5. Don’t ignore your own needs and interests.-  Women often ignore their own needs to take care of family and family issues. Having your own passions and interest can not only add quality to your life it can spark the interest of an emotionally distant husband.

Think back on when you first met your husband. Your passions, interests, activities and you were all rolled into one package which he found attractive. In addition to having a loving wife men are attracted to wives who have interests outside of the normal day to day routine.

Although it is probably not possible to exactly replicate the early years making yourself a priority in your life is important. It can be difficult when there are children and family things that need attention but responsibly developing a sense of purpose for yourself is a positive step. This applies to both working outside and stay at home wives and mothers.

Although having an emotionally distant husband can be unsettling the wife should not assume the problem is totally her fault. Marriage problems are complicated and normally both spouses can share a certain amount of blame. However, If you have an emotionally distant husband it can be a sign of a serious problem that needs to be solved before its too late.

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