There are some causes of divorce that married couples should know. At the root of most causes of marital breakups is basic personality differences. Couple often don’t know how to handle. It is very common for two people to have completely different views of the same situation. Learning the causes of divorce can help you learn how to stop them from breaking up your marriage.

It is not uncommon for causes of divorce to stem from different ways of thinking that were hidden during the courtship.  Unfortunately after the marriage goes past the early stages conflicting approaches begin to surface which are reasons for divorce in many cases.

These differing viewpoints often lead to a stressful marriage. This can be followed by a breakdown in communication between spouses.  Communication breakdowns make it difficult for couples to solve problems.

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Below are 5 Common Causes of Divorce

Verbal abuse – verbal aggression can be extremely destructive to a relationship. It is a way of belittling the spouse on the receiving end. It shows lack of respect for a spouse. Verbal abuse occurs when a spouse calls their partner names and repeatedly yells at them. Verbal abuse includes dismissing their spouses feelings and constantly criticizing them. Verbal abuse just like any abuse can erode the abused spouses feelings of self worth if it goes unchecked. These feelings can become internalized. Verbal abusive behavior is one of the biggest causes of  troubled marriages.

One of the causes of divorce is a spouse who is unable to control abusive behavior. This could be a sign that the abusive spouse is suffering from some sort of emotional disorder. This might  require professional help.

Lack of marital communication skills – Not having the necessary communication skills needed for a happy marriage is counted as one of the major causes of divorce. Disagreements are common in relationships. Solving marital conflict requires good marital communication skills. Two key marital communication skills are talking and listening.

  • Talking with to your spouse effectively requires an understanding that words have meaning. Using words properly have a large impact on how they are received by your spouse.
  • Learning the right listening skills are necessary to understanding what your spouse is saying to you. It is important to let your spouse know they are being heard.  This includes both verbal and non verbal skills. This is great for fixing causes of divorce.

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Unrealistic expectations are one of the causes of divorce – Unrealistic expectations can damage a marriage. Expectations can include an unrealistic view of how marriage is supposed to be without accounting for what actually happens in most people’s lives. Not understanding that marriage will have its ups and downs is not realistic.

Expecting things to always be the way they want it is one of the causes of divorce to be avoided. Unrealistic expectations can involve sex, money, work or many other issues.

Using divorce as the first solution to marital problems is one of the causes of divorce. Many states have a no fault divorce provision making it easier for couples to divorce. In today’s society some see divorce as a way of solving marital problems. That kind of thinking makes it more likely some will for file for divorce when things get stressful.

Unfortunately the fallout from divorce can have serious emotional and financial effects on families where divorce was the first choice.

Influences from outside of the Marriage – When a spouse feels that others have undue influence the marriage it can lead to severe marriage problems and become one of the causes of divorce.

Causes of divorce are often meddling parents, family and friends. Allowing others to negatively impact a marriages is one of the causes of divorce. Family or friends can cause unnecessary problems between couples. Meddling takes the form of intruding on a couples privacy, monopolizing holidays and week ends. This leads to disagreements and conflict.

Relatives constantly dropping in unannounced, unnecessary criticism of a spouse,  controlling behavior are all harmful to a marriage. Solving this problem will require both spouses to remember that a marriage is a union of two people.  Boundaries must be set and respected.

Working long hours can put a lot of stress on marriage and can cause one or both spouses to feel neglected. It is one of the causes of divorce. If both spouses are working there may be little time available to spend together and may require some creative out of the box thinking.

Taking advantage of opportunities to spend time together does not have to be complicated. Simple things like doing chores together or running errands together can bring closeness. Going for  walks, and talking are a few activities to deal with long work hours and little time.

When one spouse works outside of the home  special attention should be given to supporting each others feeling. Feelings of loneliness can develop for the stay at home spouse.  This is one of the causes of divorce that is often comes as a surprise for one of the spouses.

With today’s divorce rates at such high levels there are many causes of divorce. When most people marry they expect their marriage to last a lifetime and are not anticipating getting a divorce. Learning the reasons for divorce and what to do about them can help save a marriage. Many couples have benefited from online resources to save their marriage. Strategies for ending unhappiness in your marriage are available at these online resources.

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